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Happy Christmas Everyone!
Hi All,

We are open as usual today, however just a quick reminder that both LaserZone Bradford and LaserZone Huddersfield are closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and will re-open at 1pm on Monday 27th December.

Munchkin is running at 1pm weekdays, and all other sessions are taking place, as usual.

I hope Santa brings you all what you wished for and look forward to seeing you all soon.

The team at LaserZone!
Munchkin Madness during the Christmas School Holidays
Hi All,

Like always, our Munchkin Madness Kids Club will be running 7 days a week, during the Christmas School Holidays.

From Monday 20th December to Monday 3rd January (inclusive), kids 14 years and under are guaranteed to get 3 games of lasertag (although we normally fit in 4 games) for the insanely cheap price of £8 per player.

Supervising Adults can join in with their kids for the same price - that's Dad, Mum, older siblings, Uncle Fred, etc... - although by "supervising" we mean "get chased around and shot lots, by the kids"

All players must be at least 3.5 feet tall (106cm) and wearing flat footwear, purely for safety reasons - no heels, heelies or wedges, please!

Whilst booking is not essential, we always advise getting in touch to reserve your spaces, as to avoid any disappointment. You can give us a call on (01274) 722116 for Bradford, (01484) 307040 for Huddersfield or send a message/email to the site you wish to visit (including a contact number) and we will call you back.
Opening Hours from Monday 19th July - Back to 7 days a week!
Hi All,

We are back to being open 7 days a week, from Monday 19th July, with the following "special sessions" running at specific times...
Munchkin Madness Kids Club
Every Saturday & Sunday morning - 10am Start
Advanced Games Session
Every Monday (Hudds) and Tuesday (Bfd) - 7pm Start
Every Friday - 7pm Start
All You Can Play Sundays
Every Sunday - 7pm Start
"3-4-2 July Special"
During standard opening hours, outside of the above session times
Whilst booking is not essential, it is advisable, to avoid disappointment.

All games sessions start on the hour, so please make sure to arrive about 10 minutes before each session is due to start, to make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun!

Finally, all players must be at least 3.5 feet tall (106cm) to play and be wearing flat footwear - no heels, heelies or wedges, please.

Have a look at the post on Facebook, which has all the details.

Click HERE!

Should you want to bring a group down to play outside of these days/hours, please get in touch with the centre you wish to visit.
"Five - For" Friday's - New Special Offer
Every Friday, at 7pm, you can get 5 games of lasertag, for only £10 per player.

You will also get to play a few of our more non-standard games that we don't normally play in our public sessions, making it even more fun!

With our Covid-save prodecures, spaces are strictly limited, so as usual, we always advise pre-booking your spaces, to avoid disappointment.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch and we look forward to seeing you all sometime soon.
LaserZone is OPEN! (albeit with a few changes!)
Hi All,

Due to phase 3 restrictions, we are operating on a reduced days/hours schedule - this will be posted on our facebook pages and a new "opening hours" post will be pinned to the top of each page, every week.

We would also ask that anyone playing lasertag watch our briefing video, before attending the centre and it can be found here:

Birthday Parties
Unfortunately we are not allowed to use our party rooms, until we come out of phase 3 restrictions.
This means that you are still welcome to come down and play lasertag games, however we can't do the "food" portion of our party options.

Normal Games
Each gameslot will start on the hour.
We ask that you do not arrive before your stated gameslot time, otherwise you may be asked to wait outside.
In each gameslot, you will be able to have either 1 or 2 games of lasertag.
We will not be giving out scorecards for any games played.
For those players having 1 game, they will be able to view their scores on the scoreboard in reception.
For those players having a second game, they will keep their equipment on and view their scores on the new scoreboards, that have been mounted in the arena.

Munchkin Madness
Players will play 2 games of lasertag in the arena, keeping their equipment on between games.
They will then go down to reception for 10-15 minutes, for a break.
They will then go back to the arena for 2 more games, again keeping their equipment on between games.

Equipment Sanitisation
We are reducing our playing capacity by 50%
This will allow us to make sure our lasertag equipment is fully sanitised between being used by different players.
On the Monday / Tuesday Special Sessions, players will be allocated a lasertag pack for the duration of the event.

Covid-Safe Cleaning
We will be performing a thorough clean of our reception areas between each game session.
Because of this, we would ask that only people playing and any necessary parent/guardian(s) stay on site whilst people in their care are playing.

Pre-Booked Game Sessions
As we are operating at reduced capacity and to allow us to keep both our customers & staff as safe as possible, we request that all games session are pre-booked in advance.
This can be done in advance or on the day, by calling the centre you wish to visit.
Bradford (01274) 722116 - Huddersfield (01484) 307040

Face Coverings
The current government advice, with regards to our business sector, is that you are not required to wear a face mask whilst playing lasertag; However you are welcome to do so, if you wish.

Hand Sanitiser
Touchless sanitiser dispensers are located at strategic points at both centres. We would ask that you use them upon entering the site, before going upstairs to play lasertag and obviously, before and after using any toilet facilities.

Social Distancing
There are markings on the floor in our reception areas. Please only queue up at reception using the assigned areas and only approach the designated reception point when it is clear.

Whilst playing lasertag: our arenas are the largest in the UK and there is more than enough room to keep an adequate social distance from other players, even when we are running at full capacity; In fact, we always advise people to try to tag other players from a distance, as it is easier to tag opponents, therefore we would request that, where possible, players stay at least 1+ meter away from opponents.

Showing Symptoms
If anyone in your group is showing symptoms please stay at home; Call us and we’ll happy reschedule your booking for a future date. We will also move your deposit to that booking, too.

Whilst we will still accept cash, we would prefer card payments, where possible.
A Message From LaserZone
To Our Guests

One of our Core Values here at LaserZone is Safety.

To that end, we want to let you know about the measures we are taking to help address COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and minimize any risk to our guests and staff.

Firstly, we've dramatically increased the frequency and depth of our cleaning procedures. We've always put a lot of effort into cleaning and sanitising our facility, but we're doubling down on that. You'll see our staff out much more often, disinfecting "high touch" areas like arcade games, door handles, etc... with commercial grade anti-bacterial cleaner.
Behind the scenes, we're also increasing how often we sanitise our Lasertag equipment too.

Secondly, we're relaxing our policies around cancellations and deposits. We want you to feel comfortable in making a party or event booking with us, knowing that if things were to get worse, your booking with us won't be a source of stress.

Starting today, customers can postpone their party or event and any deposit will be able to be used anytime within 12 months.
While we have been advised that there's no need to postpone parties or bookings, we want you to know you can, if you feel the need.

Thank you for your continued support - as a locally owned business, it means even more to us during times like this.

Paul (owner) and the team, at both LaserZone Bradford & Huddersfield
LaserZone Membership Has It's Benefits
Memberships at LaserZone are a great idea, even if you only come down once a month.

Why become a member?

-> You get to pick a personalised alias, which will appear on the scoreboard and your scorecards, every time you play. You can also pick a personal avatar, to go alongside your alias too!

-> Every game you play gets logged by our members terminal in reception and also uploaded to IPL (see below)

-> You can also earn achievements, whilst playing games, all of which appear on the members terminal and IPL (more about this in another post)

-> You get discounts on most game session pricing - eg: £1 off the normal game price.

-> You can even link your membership to Facebook and the system will post up announcements, when you earn achievements in-game.

-> Memberships are valid at both LaserZone Bradford & Huddersfield

-> You can also use your membership card at any other IPL enabled LaserForce site around the world and earn even more achievements too!

All this for only £20 - There are also no renewal costs, as our memberships last forever!

Below are links to IPL (, which show the top 100 players at each site, by games played.

For Bradford -

For Huddersfield -

If you aren't on this list and would like to look up your achievements and stats on IPL, you will need your individual membership number.

It starts with a "7-" and then "8-" for people who bought their membership at Huddersfield and "10-" for people who bought their membership at Bradford. Then there will be an extra number. For example "7-8-452" and you enter this into the box, at the top of the page.

You will find this number printed on the back of your membership card, just under your alias. If you have one of our KidsZone memberships (a blue keyfob, rather than a members card), send us a message, telling us your name, alias, date of birth and the site where you received your membership fob and we will reply with your members number.
Do you follow us on facebook?
Hi All,

Just a reminder that if you don't already follow us on facebook, have a look at

We post a weekly schedule of events on there and any days where either of the centres have any fully booked sessions.

For example, this week the Huddersfield site is fully booked for a fundraising event on Sunday 2nd December, from 6pm.

Just as a reminder, if you are looking to raise funds for your Charitable Organisation, Youth Sports Team, Scout Group, School PTA, etc... there are a couple of ways in which we can help.

If this is something that may be of interest, click on either DONATIONS or FUNDRAISING in the menu on the left for more details.

Over the years, we have given away more than £100k in donation vouchers and are always willing to help worthy causes in their fundraising efforts.

You can view some of the Thank-You letters we have received here...